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Alternative Treatment

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During the last decades, in ischemic heart disease’s treatment, various alternatives for the conventional surgical and drug therapy were experienced and introduced as potential beneficial as for example naturist additional supplements, celation therapy, acupunctural and stem celles therapy.

Naturist medicine most valuable contribution lies in ischemic heart disease prevention and after-stroke recovery. Moreover the use of natural antioxidants like vitamin A, B, E, C or beta-carotene, has proven to be of great importance in reducing hypercholesterolemia and hypertension responsible for further post-stroke heart damages and also in ischemic heart disease’s prevention, beneficial potential has also fish-oil, nuts extracts, coenzyme-Q10 and L-carnitine amino acid the red yeast rice and garlic. Extreme caution is required whatsoever when naturist medicine is applied as it can have harmful in interaction with conventional drugs and it has to be used only as a supplement to traditional drug therapy only under physician’s strict guidance.

Other type of alternative treatment is the celation therapy that consists in the use of intravenous infusions of a chemical substance called EDTA –ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid with the purpose of clearing the narrowed or bloked arteris affected by artherosclerosis. The method has been considered unlikely to offer real benefits and has proven to be efficient only in isolated cases.

Stem cells therapy cell therapy has been a very controversial subject during the past years; transplantation has been researched as a technique in the myocardium regeneration and ventricular modification and remodeling post heart attack. The method consists in engrafting autologus stem cells into the damaged area of the heart. In spite of the fact that stem cells don’t have the result of an effective regeneration of the myocardium, it is expected that the therapy could actually improve cardiac regeneration and remodeling.

Other alternative therapy in the treatment of ischemic heart disease is acupuncture; it has been discovered that acupuncture can improve cardiac function; also it relieves some symptoms especially chest pain, dyspnea or palpitations, and reduces arrhythmias and it can prevent sudden death. Acupuncture has been successfully applied to patients suffering of angina pectoris. It decreases the number of angina attacks, the consumption of glyceryl trinitrate, and increases exercise tolerance and the work capacity of the heart. In individuals who have suffered from a heart attack, acupuncture significantly improves left ventricular function, the stroke volume and enlarge small blood vessel’ diameter.

Acupuncture’s effects appear to be cumulative, gradually increasing with the number of sessions. Several scientists noted that, during surgery, parameters like pulse and blood pressure remain surprisingly stable if electro-acupuncture analgesia has been used.

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