Ischemic Heart Disease

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Keeping healthy – everybody wants to do that, but this is not easy at all. Why is that so? Because there are many temptations and sometimes people can barely resist. Let’s take for example junk food. You can find it anywhere in London, it is cheaper than the healthy one and also tasty. How can you resist? Well, here are some tips that can help you a lot, when it comes to keeping fit and healthy.

#1 Sport – join a 5aside football league in London!

Everybody has told you that doing sport is the right answer if you want to keep fit and healthy. But you claim that you have not found a sport that can suit you, have you? What about football? Football is great because it makes you use your entire body. There are people who say that it is a harmonious combination between jogging and physical exercises.  Joining such league is also a hassle-free experience which comes with many advantages. You do not have to worry about anything. You just go there and play. What is more, you can also choose the league, according to your program.

# 2 Get rid of unhealthy food – step by step!

Do you know which the most common mistake is, when it comes to unhealthy food? People try to give up it all, an attitude which is not right. Thus, you need to do things step by step. Firstly, you should say not to fizzy drinks and replace them with tea and water. A healthy body is one which is fully hydrated each day. Secondly, you should try to cook your own food by using healthy ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and meat. Do not give up eating meat because you need proteins.

#3 Convince a friend to join you!

Doing sport or keeping a healthy diet is a thing which can be easily done if you ask someone to join you in this new adventure. Why is this so? Because experts say that you will feel both motivated and ambitious. Not to mention that you will do a favour to that person who accepts your challenge.

#4 Doing sport at home – from time to time!

Playing football in a 5aside league is definitely something that can help you. But, sometimes it is not enough. You also need to do some sport home. You can try to transform your basement/ attic in a small gym.

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