Ischemic Heart Disease

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Ischemia Causes

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Ischemic heart disease doesn’t have known causes responsible for its development, but a multitude of risk factors have been identified, for example it is known that smoking is a major ischemic heart disease risk factor, as well as abdominal obesity, diabetes mellitus, heredity, sedentary or stressful lifestyle and age and gender (men are more prone towards cardiac diseases than women) hypertension and hypercholesterolemia are major ischemic heart disease causes.

A poor diet, rich in saturated fats can contribute to increasing blood cholesterol levels. Hypercholesterolemia is believed to be one of the major causes responsible for the development of ischemic heart disease as a high LDL also known as ‘bad‘ cholesterol level can lead to the narrowing of the coronary arteries walls. In this process a fatty built-up gathers in form of plaques obstructing the blood flow and creating blockages, moreover the heart muscle, the myocardium, doesn’t receive enough oxygen condition called cardiac ischemia. The formation of blood clothes and heart damages and tissue necrosis that leads to myocardial infraction may follow

Hypertension, a condition that once diagnosed can least for a lifetime, can also be the cause of ischemic heart disease, as elevated blood pressure can be harmful to the heart and lead in time to heart damages and ischemic heart disease. One of the most important prevention measures for hypertensive patients is regular control and adequate medication.

Heredity is another ischemic heart disease cause, as it has been demonstrated that genetic factors are responsible for the development of this condition and those with a family history of cardiac disease have to be extra cautious and avoid dangerous behaviors.

Gender has been pointed out as another risk factor for ischemic heart disease as males are more prone than women to develop the disease, moreover we cannot state that gender is one of the causes of ischemic heart disease.

Age whatsoever can increase the incidence of cardiac diseases especially among women.

Smoking along with an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle can also increase the probability of developing cardiac problems. Smoking cessation reduces whatsoever the severity of or complications after being diagnosed with a cardiac disease.

Other debatable cause of ischemic heart disease is stress, as it is believed that people with a type A personality defined by hyperactivity and extra stressful lifestyle are more prone to develop heart conditions.

Diabetes is known to be other major ischemic heart disease risk factor, as patients suffering of diabetes can also develop coronary heart disease; myocardial infraction is known to be the major cause of morbidity among diabetic patients, and due to the fact that in their cases the disease doesn’t show typical symptoms (silent ischemia) they must periodically attend medical controls and take periodical tests and also lead a strict diet.

We restate that ischemia’s causes remain unknown but the control of the major risk factors can prevent and reduce the complications in diagnosed cases.

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