Ischemic Heart Disease

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Ischemia Treatment

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The diagnosis called angina is based on symptoms like chest pain caused by exertion. This clinical diagnosis can be confirmed by observing the ECG with the ischemic changes during a heart attack or by administering sublingual a small dose of nitroglycerin that should relieve the pain in a few minutes.

There are certain tests who can verify the severity of ischemic heart diseases.

This tests include the ECG(electrocardiogram) which measures the electrical activity,the echocardiogram for the sound waves,a blood analysis to determine cholesterol and fat,X-rays.

How to prevent a heart attack and the treatment:

~we should take specialised care of our coronary arteries because many deaths are caused by sudden arrhythmias(irregular heartbeat);

~cardiopulmonary exercises(breathing support,chest compression,pulse monitoring);

~cardiac arrhythmias can be stoped with a defribilator;

~the adrenaline is recommended because it speeds up the heart beat and cosolidates the contractions;however it can also cause tachyarrhythmias;

~the blood clots can be eliminated by thrombolytic agents or by anticoagulation;

~the blood presure can be risen with inotropic drugs;

~angioplasty or even surgery can be a solution for the blocked arteries.

Things recommended to be done after a heart attack:

~the administration of drugs for diminishing the arrhythmias(careful because some of them can also induce them);

~the administration of anti-coagulants aginst blood clots;

~possible cardiac surgery;

If we want to prevent a second heart attack we should change our lifestyle by practising sport,reducing the stress and improving our diet. Diet and lifestyle changes are perhaps the most important tools in the natural treatment of cardiovascular disease.

How can a healthy diet prevent a heart attack

You’d be surprised how many people get ill because of a poor diet. People don’t consume enough vegetables,fish or fruits and this can be as bad as smoking for their health. The most important thing we should change in our diet is to eliminate the food which contains fats. A drastic reduction in the consumption of saturated fats, cholesterol, meat and sugar represent the base in any cholesterol reduction program. Many doctors have developed very effective cholesterol-lowering programs based on low fat diets,exercise and stress reduction. These programs not only lower cholesterol but also prevent blockages in the arteries.

Cholesterol represents an important intermediary in the production of many vital hormones.

You can see that the reduction of the cholesterol level in our diet is very important in preventing and treating heart diseases. This doesn’t mean you have to eat perfectly all the time. Make changes slowly and try to eliminate step by step from your alimentation the unhealthy snacks and foods and eat instead aliments like wheat germ, oat bran, soy protein, calcium, green tea, nuts, garlic.

New researches in the treatment of ischemic heart disease has been directed toward the body’s ability to generate new blood vessels(angiogenesis) with the help of a fibroblast growth factor (FGF-1),produced using genetic engineering techniques. A clinical study was performed on 40 patients with coronary arteries disease.

The study demonstrated that fibroblast growth factor can induce angiogenesis in patients with ischemic heart disease,but the researches continue.

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