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Natural Treatment

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Natural treatment Naturist medicine has a limited role in the treatment of ischemic heart diseaseand its contribution lies in the prevention of arteriosclerosis and in the after stroke recovery treatment.

Atherosclerosis is known to be accelerated by high cholesterollevel in the blood, hypertension and by elevated homocysteine level. Due to the multitude of responses to pharmacological or surgical treatment and to various complications that can emerge in patients’ evolutions we can take into consideration the grounds for using natural treatments. Moreover it is common accepted that natural therapies for hypertension and high cholesterol levels are in general, less effective than conventional medicine. The use of natural medicine should be supervised by the physician and the patient’s condition should be under continuous control, natural treatment must be applied as long as it is medically safe for the patient; conventional therapy is whatsoever more advisable.

There are some natural treatments that have shown promise as additional supplements to conventional medicine in the after-stroke period.

Studies show that coenzyme Q10 added to conventional medicine improves heart‘s function. It has been experimentally proved that patients that were recovering after myocardial infraction experienced significantly fewer episodes of angina and arrhythmia or other strokes; moreover Q 10 combined with mineral selenium is considered promising for people who have survived myocardial infraction.

The treatment with amino acid-L-carnitine was proven of potential value in addition to traditional after stroke treatment, because it reduced the area of dead heart tissue, and also other post heart-attack complications. Whatsoever it hasn’t improved heart function and it failed to reduce the mortality among the patients.

Other naturist treatment studied was fish oil due to its rich content of healthy fats for example the fats in omege-3 category and in its qualities of reducing heart rate and preventing arrhythmias. It has been proven that fish oil treatment prevents myocardial infraction and post-stroke sudden death

The use of garlic has also been studied, and it has been experimentally proven that the supplementary garlic oil extract treatment reduces death rate among those patients that have participated to the experiment. Moreover it has to be mentioned that garlic treatment shouldn’t be combined with the use of aspirin as means of preventing a stroke because it can lead to excessive bleeding.

Due to its proprieties and especially to its ability to lower cholesterol, red yeast rice it is used in ischemic heart disease prevention. According study performed in China this treatment surprisingly reduces the incidence of coronary events like strokes  or angina and also the morbidity rate among the patients who participated to the experiment; however due to the high levels of reported benefits the report has been considered questionable among the scientific community.

It is known that antioxidants neutralize dangerous free radicals that accelerate post heart-attack heart cell death rate. The treatment with vitamin supplements like vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene better known as antioxidants minimizes the post-stroke heart cell damage.

Other herbal and natural supplements like lipoic acid, inocine, glycine or hawthorn can also be useful in post heart attack therapy Also nuts due to their elevated mineral especially zinc concentration have a benefic contribution in post-stroke recovery.

In spite of their multiple proprieties herbal and natural supplements must be used as a supplement to traditional medicine and under physician’s strict supervision, extreme caution has to be played to their interaction with other conventional drugs.

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