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Labiaplasty is probably the best method through which women can have the excess tissue removed from their genitalia, which made them feel uncomfortable most of the time. First things first, if you are interested in this type of cosmetic surgery, you have to do some detailed research on the Internet and look for the best labiaplasty surgeon London, because only this way you are guaranteed with the best results. Here are some hygiene tips you should consider during the recovery period from labiaplasty.

Taking showers

During the first week post-surgery, it is essential that you apply small amount of Hibiclens around the genital area every time after you take a shower. Avoid applying other cleaning products such as soaps, or various creams and body lotions, since there are chances they may irritate the area and make the recovery process take longer than expected. It is essential that the incision site is dry after you have taken your shower and you can either use a towel making gentle moves to absorb all water in that area or a blow dryer that is set on a lower level of heat.

Going to the bathroom

You should know that urine can be extremely irritating to the area where the incision was made, not to mention that in some cases it can even cause infection. Make sure you rinse the area with a lot of water right after you urinate and then use a towel to pat the genital area dry. Experts recommend to avoid using toilet paper when going to the bathroom, because it may happen for small pieces of it to remain stuck in the incision site, thus causing bacteria to appear.

Sexual intercourse

Doctors from reputable clinics such as Centre for Surgery strongly advise patients to avoid any sexual intercourse during the first six weeks after surgery and the main reason why is that it may be too difficult for the incision site to handle such trauma during this period. What is more, if you engage in sexual intercourse during the first six weeks post-surgery, chances for the site to reopen are extremely high and this can eventually lead to infection and to high rick of various sexually transmitted diseases.

Taking antibiotics

The doctor will prescribe you an antibiotic cream which you should use 6 times per day at most to keep the genital area sanitized and to maintain the incision line moist. It may happen for some women to develop yeast infections due to some antibacterial properties that some antibiotics available on the market contain. In case you are prone to developing such infections, you should discuss this with your surgeon so that they can prescribe you an antifungal as well.

All things considered, these are some of the most important hygiene tips experts recommend their patients after the latter ones underwent labiaplasty. Know that there may be many clinics in your region where you can benefit from this type of surgery, but it is mandatory you do detailed online research first to determine which one is the best to choose.


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