Ischemic Heart Disease

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A great number of Americans suffer from ischemic heart disease and they don’t even know it. More often than not, ischemia manifests itself silently, meaning that the heart attack can come without any warning. The elderly are even more in danger of being affected by this heart disease, especially if they have had episodes of heart attacks in the past. Patients who have had the misfortune of having this diseases usually undergo hospitalization for immediate intervention. Nevertheless, a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation includes post- hospital management as well.

The hospital phase

In order to treat the infarction, the patient is subdued to a variety of medical interventions. Typical hospital treatment for ischemic heart disease includes the administration of drugs and inhibitors. The point is to facilitate recovery and to minimize the risks of developing complications. From a psychological point of view it is an extremely vulnerable period. On the other hand, it gives the patient the opportunity to change his lifestyle and maybe stop smoking. At this stage, many patients, especially the elderly, fail to understand all the health-related information.

Post-hospital rehabilitation

The fact is that many patients suffering from ischemic heart disease can avoid future complications as long as they make efforts to improve their lifestyle. In other words, they need to engage in a cardiac rehabilitation program. No one can go through such a process alone and sometimes the presence of the family is simply not sufficient. When your grandfather or grandmother has an episode of cardiac distress, you should make sure that they are receiving appropriate medical assistance. After leaving the hospital, someone needs to keep a close eye on he or she is doing.  There are special companies that cater to the needs of people who require continual nursing and help with everyday living.

Importance of cardiac rehabilitation

The need to work with a team of healthcare professionals is essential for the recovery of the patient. Bot initial and ongoing evaluation is useful for checking physical abilities and for discovering other conditions that might pose a threat to the health. Within a homecare facility, professionals tailor the rehabilitation program to the individual needs of the patient and make sure that the recovery is successful. Cardiac rehabilitation does not only mean rest. More precisely, in order to improve cardiovascular fitness, the patient undergoes physical exercise and receives guidance with nutrition. Making healthy food choices reduces the level of fat and cholesterol which in turn reduces the likelihood of another heart attack. Since all this takes time, patients need someone at their side when they feel depressed or anxious. Another way in which patients can overcome depression is through counselling.

To sum up, ischemic heart disease is a serious condition that requires post-hospital care as much as medical intervention. One way of ensuring that your beloved family member gets the treatment that he deserves is to shortly place him in a specialized facility such as a nursing home.



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