Ischemic Heart Disease

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According to recent statistics, coronary heart disease is the main factor responsible the death of thousands of people every year. The illness manifests itself in the form of heart failure and heart attacks. While it is widely known that exercise is good for the health, not many are aware of the fact that exercise also plays an important role in many cardiac rehabilitation plans. Anyone who desires to undergo a specialized exercise plan in order to prevent a heart attack can visit a registered physiotherapy and get professional advice. In what follows it will be explained why physical therapy is recommended for heart disease.

The danger of coronary heart disease

Popularly known as angina, coronary heart disease is the direct result of the narrowing of the arteries that ensure the blood flow. Due to the fact that the heart muscle receives little or none oxygen, it has to work more in order to compensate the lack of oxygen and gets tired. The blood is not allowed to circulate due to the fact that the arteries thicken as a result of the presence of fat. In addition to this, a piece of fat can escape at any moment and cause a clot that is transported in the blood stream. The most likely cause for the manifestation of coronary heart disease is high cholesterol, smoking and diabetes.

Physiotherapy diagnosis

Exercise should be carried out only in a controlled environment and under the supervision of a specialist such as a physiotherapist in order to decide on an appropriate treatment plan. While the disease cannot be treated, it can be managed with medication and regular exercise. Physical therapy for heart diseases focuses on relaxation techniques, as well as breathing exercises. Before engaging in any exercise program the specialist will make a full examination of the patient in order to determine the orthopedic status. This is done because patients who are at risk of developing complications can aggravate their condition by engaging in exercise.

Treatment plan

Exercise is important due to the fact that physical effort increases the body’s demand for oxygen and it helps strengthen the circulatory capacity. The exercises prescribed are in accordance with the patient’s status. The exercises are aimed at working large muscle groups with the aid of activities such as walking, riding the bicycle and swimming, but not only. The exercises do not have to performed on a daily basis, it is sufficient to work out a couple of days per week. For cardiac diseases lasts up to 40 minutes and the level of intensity of the exercises is kept at a moderate level.

In conclusion, while exercise has many benefits to the health, it is important to work out only under the supervision of a specialist that can monitor the heart rate and the blood pressure so as not to cause complications such as infarction. Studies have proven the fact that physical therapy significantly reduces the risk of mortality and that it can reduce the amount of time spent in the hospital.

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