Ischemic Heart Disease

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The ischemic heart disease is one of the top killer heart conditions in the world. Not only is it a dangerous condition, but it is also a silent killer. In many cases, symptoms do not manifest in any way before a heart attack and this makes it potentially fatal. After suffering a heart attack, a hospitalisation period is required, followed by a recovery period. In the recovery period, you must rehabilitate the cardiac muscles. This rehabilitation consists of physical exercises in order to increase the endurance of the heart and a proper nutrition plan. A personal instructor can help you in the recovery period, in order to prevent another heart attack.  However, below are some ways a personal instructor can help you overcome the unfortunate event.


1. They can provide permanent guidance

Regularly exercising lowers the LDL cholesterol level. This is the main cause of heart attacks. The recommended amount of physical exercises is about thirty minutes a day, every day. A personal instructor can help you on the entire process of becoming a healthier version of you by providing guidance. They can effectively explain to you how to perform certain exercises, the proper position in order to avoid back and joint injuries. They can explain how certain equipment is used. A personal instructor can create a personalised workout plan, depending on your actual physical condition and the interval passed from your heart attack. They will begin with exercises of lower intensity, in order to adapt them according to your progress.

2. They will permanently keep in touch with your physician

A personal trainer will always pay attention to your needs, even more if you are a former heart attack victim. They will provide information to your physician regarding your progress and ask for advice about your personalised workout plan. They will include their recommendations, according to your gender, age and current health status. A good collaboration between your physician and your trainer is the key for success.

3. They can provide moral support

Trying to overcome the anxiety of suffering a heart attack is something all the patients have to deal with. Having someone to permanently encourage you and make your aware about the benefits of exercising and losing weight as a heart attack survivor can really have a good impact on your mental health. Do not forget that survivors have depressive tendencies and a constant fear of suffering another one. Moreover, if you ever feel stuck on your journey, they can motivate you to keep going.

If you are trying to rehabilitate after an event of this kind, make sure you seek professional help for your process. If you are smoking, try to quit and try to follow the nutrition plan created for you by the medical personnel. Moreover, remember you can always prevent a heart attack by having a healthier diet, by exercising on the daily basis, even for short amounts of time like 30 minutes.

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