Ischemic Heart Disease

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It is largely believed that calcium supplements harm the heart, but this is not true. The fact is that dietary supplement takes between recommended levels do not pose a risk to the heart. You can be sure that these products for ingestion will not damage your heart. Actually, they do more good than harm. Calcium is important for the heart health because it is directly in its contraction mechanism. If you are not able to get enough mineral for your health, you should take dietary supplements like AlgaeCal Plus. In this article, we will try to explain how calcium supplements can benefit your heart health. As you will clearly see, nothing bad can be said about calcium supplements.

Calcium supplements and heart attack

Contrary to popular opinion, calcium is not involved in heart risk. Although there are many stories circulating in the media about how dietary supplements lead to heart attacks, they are not backed by solid evidence. There is no link between this essential nutrient and heart risk. As surprising as it may sound, the bone-building mineral reduces the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. According to the findings of nutritionist Emilia E. Achmadi, pills that are meant for bone and teeth health are beneficial to the heart too. What is certain is that dietary supplements are safe from a cardiovascular perspective.

Effects of calcium supplements on heart rate

Cardiology experts know very well that calcium is required for the regulation of the heart muscle function. This particular nutrient is involved in the creation and direction of current from the pacemakers to the heart muscle. Many studies have demonstrated that an increased consumption of dietary supplements results in the reduction of high blood pressure. Due to the fact that the movement is controlled, the blood vessels run properly.

Low calcium intake cardiovascular disease risk

Cardiovascular disease refers to many problems, many of which are linked to low calcium intake. Ischemic stroke, for example, is caused by hypertension, which in turn is caused by the lack of bone-building nutrient. To prevent the lack of nutrient, it is necessary to have a diet rich in foods like milk, yoghurt, green leafy vegetables. Most importantly, you have to supplement your diet with calcium pills. The point is that supplements can help. There are many explanations for cardiovascular disease and this essential nutrient is not to blame for any problems you may have with the heart.

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